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5v5 Conquest strategies

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:40 pm    Post subject: 5v5 Conquest strategies Reply with quote

Knowing how to use efficient strategies, or ‘’strats’’ to your advantage in a Conquest match is crucial to ensure swift victory. If applied correctly, you can defeat the opposing team in a matter of minutes. I will share two Conquest strategies of my own, one for each side. Clan leaders are free to use them in matches if they wish.

Axis strategy

The first strategy I call the ‘’Hellendoorn and Eastern Farmhouse Rush’’. As the name implies, the Axis team has to rush those two flags (1 hostile, 1 neutral) in the beginning minutes of the game to give them the majority of captured flags.
Each and every player on Axis has a specific function and they must work as a team for this to work. The basic set up looks like this:

- 3 x engineer
- 1 x anti-tank
- 1 x assault

Ok, here’s how it goes. All soldiers spawn at The Blockhouse. Two out of the three engineer take Panzer IVs and drive them to Hellendoorn. One of them goes directly to the flag, while the other goes to the north of Hellendoorn and ambushes the Shermans coming from Western Village on their left flank. 1 anti-tank soldier enters a Schwimmwagen and rushes the Eastern Farmhouse. If a hostile tank is found, takes him out. Another soldier, with the assault kit, assists the two Panzers that rushed Hellendoorn in a Schwimmwagen, and wipes out any Jeep, APC and upcoming infantry from the Allied that tries to capture Hellendoorn. The last soldier, who will spawn as an engineer, flies the Natter. He goes straight to the Eastern Farmhouse, wipes out the two Shermans if they are hostile and leaves them intact if unoccupied. He then clears the road from Western Village to Hellendoorn of any enemy tank in sight. Once this is done, he parachutes at Eastern Farmhouse to assist the anti-tank soldier who was supposed to take the Eastern Farmhouse.

If done swiftly, all those actions will give Axis possession of 5 out of the 7 flags of the map, making the enemy tickets bleed. Pushing westward, the Axis will make the Allied fall back to Western Village by taking The Watermill, and by this point they will have to defend the Western Village at all costs from Axis onslaughts.

Allied strategy

The second strategy, for the Allied this time, is called ‘’The Hellendoorn and V2 Research Area Rush’’. Initially, we have:

- 1 x anti-tank
- 3 x engineer
- 1 x assault

1 soldier spawns at the Eastern Farmhouse, the rest spawn at Western Village. The soldier at Eastern Farmhouse is an engineer. He drives his Sherman behind the gray building, away from Natter fire. He keeps a line of sight with oncoming Schwimmagens to take them out. Another soldier, back at Western Village, spawns as anti-tank, takes the Goblin and flies it over V2 Research Area, crashes into the Flakpanzer if it’s hostile, if not mans it and shoots towards the west towards The Blockhouse to take down the Natter. Captures the V2 Research Area flag. Two soldiers spawn as engineers. Man the two Shermans, drive them to Hellendoorn, 1 goes behind the row of houses at the west of Hellendoorn, 1 goes to the flag directly. Take down the enemy Panzer IVs, capture Hellendoorn. The remaining soldier spawns as an assault, assists the Shermans to take Hellendoorn, takes down any infantry or Schwimmwagens coming up the hill. The Allied now hold 5 out of the 7 flags, the soldier at the V2 Research Area rushes the V2 Launch Site, captures it, rushes The Blockhouse and join up with the rest of the team. Shelling of The Blockhouse begins until Axis runs out of tickets.
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